Overseas Students Support Services (OSSS)

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Overseas Students Support Services (OSSS) is the first port of call in Bharathiar University for overseas or international students. OSSS will help the overseas students to settle in a new environment and assist with the practicalities of living in India and completing their studies in Bharathiar University. OSSS will help or advise on aspects of University accommodation, counseling, health and employment. The aim of OSSS is to ensure that overseas students get the support they need. OSSS will provide overseas students of Bharathiar University with the information they need to deal with a problem they are facing. OSSS do not deal with the problem directly, but will advise the students and ensure that the students receive the necessary support.

As the overseas students aim to enhance their work skills through experiential learning, cultural awareness and creativity, OSSS tries to provide opportunities for the same.